In The Fog Named Ambient Exotica Song of the Month!

My album "In The Fog" on 45 Echoes Sounds has been named Song of the Month at Ambient Exotica. Many thanks for the kind review: "In The Fog, however, is worth your while, as Jack Hertz manages to create a thick arcane fog with the help of synths – so far, so usual – but carefully strays away from overloading them with all too many textures. Everything is balanced out, and it is the interplay between the different patterns and layers which creates the impression of being in a vault-like antrum near a misty field rather than boosting the drugged state of fluffiness or ethereality." Read the full review at

Expo - My First Memories of Tomorrow In the Labyrinth

When I was 4 years old, my father took me with him to the Expo in Montreal Canada. Too young to remember it then, I did see get to the USA Pavilion housed inside the geodesic sphere designed by R. Buckminster Fuller when I was older on frequent trips to La Ronde. I always admired the futuristic architecture of Habitat 67, and the Canada and the German pavilions. So Much of the wonderful ephemera presented in 1967 still feels quite modern today such as the amazing film "In the Labyrinth" that debuted at the Expo.

Journeys to Temporary Landsacpes

The Ocean is an elusive thing that changes and morphs constantly in shape, size and color. None on these changes is more striking the the negative low tide where the water level can recede as much as 1 or 2 feet below sea level. Exposed are coves and reefs normally inhabited by sea creatures of all kinds. Here are some of my journeys to these temporary places.

Aural Films - Netlabel to Publish Soundtrack Music for Movies that Do Not Exist

The Aural Films netlabel is dedicated to publishing soundtrack and cinematic music for movies that do not exist. Now accepting submissions for albums or pieces of music with a thematic focus on a person, place, thing, or story. EMjoy the first releases "Secret Life of Trees" and "Stratosphere" by Jack Hertz now at…