Complex Silence 25 - 10 Netlabel Ambient Albums you Should Own

I am REALLY honored to have my Complex Silence 25 release included in this list by Make Your Own Taste blog. Many thanks to Treetrunk and listeners everywhere for the support. The article focused on ten netlabel ambient albums you should own. The list included Jack Hertz, Astrowind, Lähto, Silvercord, Miles Tilmann, Eluder, EugeneKha, Coldstream, Mystified, and Loscil. Read the entire article here: http://makeyourowntaste.wordp…

Jaguars & Shamen by Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas Now Available on Aural Films

My new album "Jaguars & Shamen" with Cousin Silas is a journey into the dark realms of Amazonia. Inspired by the mystic visions of the Shaman and the trans-formative beings they become to transcend the material world. This music explores the mysterious cultures of the Amazon jungle that have been the home to indigenous cultures fore 1000s of years. Download the album now at…

Guided Skies by Jack Hertz Now Available on weareallghosts

While you were sleeping, the ghosts came out to play and left this new release of mine for all the hear. "Guilded Skies" is a special double release that is based on a live improvisation that has been remixed in different ways. The first release, "Guilded Skies," comprises different tracks interpreted from the improv. The second album, "Guilded Sky," is the uninterrupted improv mixed to be slower and quieter for extended listening. This is a very different approach to composition for me using the same sounds arranged in different ways. I hope you EMjoy it. You can download both albums now from…

For Our Children Compilation - 30 Artists Sharing Music to Support Sandy Hook

The Sound for Good record label has partnered Healing Newtown (, a division of the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission, to help help support the community by offering the new release, "For Our Children: A Benefit for Sandy Hook" by Various Artists available exclusively to everyone who donates just $1 USD (or more). Our message in the album is to shine your light. We have come together as artists to support the healing process of those impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy of December 14th, 2012.

Peefeeyatko Documentary - Frank Zappa The Ultimate Electronic Musician

YOU MUST WATCH THIS - I stumbled on this MIND BLOWING video last night and cannot stop thinking about it. The guy I thought was a Rock Star, had been working his whole life to reach the common place most EM artists are working in today. In this video, he articulates a view (30:33) he refers to as the "musical universe" that is exactly where I am coming from. It took my breath away. This is also the most detailed look at Zappa working with the Synclavier that I have ever seen. Lots of great music throughout and it is quite funny too. I am still laughing at the title.

Jack Hertz 2012 Year in Review Part III - Radio Plays

Where would we be without those Disk (file) Jockey's that keep the airwaves and streams fat with electronic music. These forward looking folks spend a lot of time mining the backwoods to bring new music to the masses. Their support not only promotes my music, they are instrumental in exposing me to other artists as well. I've been very fortunate with a lot of radio play this year. My deepest thanks go to the following shows and people / stations:

Computer Music III by Jack Hertz - Sounds of Cellular Automata

This is the third in a series of computer music styled recordings I will am releasing. These are works inspired by the computer and large systems from the 50s and 60s such as the Buchla, RCA and MUSIC-N systems. This third installment was performed live by Jack Hertz on Nord Modular G1 Synthesizer using patches based on cellular automata models. Download the album now at…

Jack Hertz 2012 Year in Review Part II - Complilation Projects

"...ending the year on a high 2012" Indeed, this year was also quite busy on the compilations project front. I participated in 14 different releases throughout the year. These projects that are a great way to hear the community at large, have also grown to serve as fund raisers and other forms of support for the common good. EMjoy the following list with links to all the compilations I was part of in 2012 by clicking on the image below.


I.v.Martinez has released a Second collection of mutations. Mutant versions of tracks by members of Contact Group of Homemade Electronic Music and Noise including Guttorm Andreasen,Schultz New Album Out,Matt Casey,Jim Barker,Hiyohiyoipseniyo,Hartmut Frank,Boyd Nutting,Hal McGee,Elbourikoloko Delakabeza,Tony Stirner,Marvin Marvinson,Dzmitry Ladzes Haze Netlabel,David Von Rivers and Jack Hertz - Listen now!