No Labels No Music IV Submission - Aural Garden By Jack Hertz

Just finished my track "Aural Garden"for the 4th Annual No Labels No Musics complication project. The track was composed entirely in Audacity using the following artists' sound elements: D.Miñoza - various binaural field recs, EdisonRex -Songbird, London UK,
Jack_Hertz - Redwood Dew Drops, JeffWojo - Owl on my Chimney, and PHOBoS - Musique Mecanique. Check out a shot of the final track in Audacity below.

Jack Hertz 2012 Year in Review - 28 Albums Releases and 20,000 Downloads

This year has been so massive, it has been hard to account for everything that has happened in 2012. There are way too many people to thank, I am going to have to do it in 2 or 3 parts. My deepest thanks go to you, the listeners and supporters who support experimental artists and the community we live in.

Thanks to you, 20,000 albums were downloaded from the 28 albums I put this year. Yes, I am even somewhat surprised by that number. It was not planned, nor was I keeping count of my releases from month to month. It just happened.

Jack Hertz Eclipse Music Show on Time Drone 2012-11-29

My composition for the November 28, 2012 Lunar eclipse event is done. It has become a sort of ritual to record these and play them on my radio show, Time Drone. Seems only fitting to make a show of it and play a bit of a marathon with all three eclipse compositions from 2011-12-15, 2012-5-, and 2012-11-28 tonight at 10 pm ET / 9 pm CT / 7 pm PT on Two of them can be EMjoyed below in video format.

Sea Glass - Sandy Relief Benefit Album

The devastation left by hurricane Sandy is unprecedented with entire communities nearly wiped out. To raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief, Jack Hertz is offering a special limited preview EP from the forth coming album, "Pacifica." As a gift for the donation, you get two unreleased long form compositions inspired by local beaches along with pieces of real sea glass that he collected himself shipped to your home. You can preview and download the "Sea Glass" EP now at…

In The Fog Named Ambient Exotica Song of the Month!

My album "In The Fog" on 45 Echoes Sounds has been named Song of the Month at Ambient Exotica. Many thanks for the kind review: "In The Fog, however, is worth your while, as Jack Hertz manages to create a thick arcane fog with the help of synths – so far, so usual – but carefully strays away from overloading them with all too many textures. Everything is balanced out, and it is the interplay between the different patterns and layers which creates the impression of being in a vault-like antrum near a misty field rather than boosting the drugged state of fluffiness or ethereality." Read the full review at