3 a.m. - Times Square by Peter DiPhillips and Jack Hertz Now Available on Treetrunk Records

Peter DiPhillips created this music as a result of my Open Collaboration Pproject is launched recently. Using my material as a starting point. Added to and manipulated the samples that were mixed with his own elements including field recordings of water streams, rain, and toilets flushing along with his own synthesizer music/sound motifs. He combined, processed and mixed theses elements in various ways , in order to arrive at the long form composition, "3 a.m. - Times Square." Download the album now available from Treetrunk Records at http://treetrunkrecords.wordp…

Wonderland The Caterpillar by Jack Hertz Now Available on Buddhist On Fire

The second in a series of drone releases based on voices provided by various stillstream denizens for John Tocher's Wonderland project based on the "Alice in Wonderland" story by Louis Carroll. This one includes the voices of Crystal Dreams as The Caterpillar, and Pixyblink as Alice. Download the album now available from the Buddhist On Fire netlabel at http://buddhistonfire.com/201…

Alternoia by The New False Gods Now Available

NOW AVAILABLE - "Alternoia" is the result of the collaboration between a group of prominent artists who create work under a variety of electronic sub-genres. Working as 7h3 n3w ƒ4£$3 90Ðz (The New False Gods), their divine skillz have produced a unique set of tracks that, in my mind, are truly evocative of the album title. What is great about this album is that each track is unique and contains elements of noise, jazz, dark ambient, etc. The elements have been masterfully mixed together to produce an album that is melodic, strange and otherworldly.

Star's End Names "Time" to Top 16 Releases for April 2012

Wow! What a month April has been. I really was not prepared for the kind of response my new releases have received. My "Green Mist" album featured on Still Stream was a real surprise. Now, to find "Time" has been included in the Top Releases for April 2012 by Star's End. I am honored to be cited amongst the people that I looked up to just a short time ago. My deepest thanks go to Brad at Free Floating Music, Star's End and those who have been listening for all your support.