Harmonia Macrocosmica Now Available on Aural Films

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Mon, 03/16/2015 - 16:18

These tracks began as experiments with different harmonic tones to find the most minimal sound elements I could use. In mixing these simple tones. A scenographic soundscape of tonal juxtapositions shifting like stars in the sky emereged from my speakers. Like the visions so wonderfully realized in Andreas Cellarius's great star atlas, the "Harmonia Macrocosmica" (1660). I dedicate these sounds to his work. Available now from Aural Films at https://auralfilms.bandcamp.c…

Sonic Overload by Jack Hertz & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen Available Now on suRRism-Phonoethicss

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Sat, 03/14/2015 - 09:43

Friday 13th just got a whole lot worse with this brand new release on Surrism-Phonoethics called "Sonic Overload" Dig into a feast for the ears featuring challenging sonic juxtapositions and sound-states. Now available at http://surrism.phonoethics.co…

COAST by Jack Hertz & rizorkestra Now Available on Aural Films

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Tue, 02/17/2015 - 11:52

COAST is a word with two meanings. It is a place where the land meets the water, or something that is propelled without effort.

This music draws from both meanings. Reflecting on sunlit waters, and the easy going life on the Pacific coast. We hope you enjoy this music as much as we have making it.

Get the album now at https://auralfilms.bandcamp.c…

2014 Album Releases By Jack Hertz

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Sun, 01/04/2015 - 10:36

2014 was another productive year with 24 albums released. Many on Aural Films with a handful on various labels. These include, with my special thanks: Petroglyph Music, Murmure Intemporel, Ethereal Live, zero mean records, Sound4Good, and Argali Records who released solo and collaboration records by me this year. This was also a year for collaboration with artists including: Christopher Alvarado, Mike Honeycutt, Jon Johnson, Zreen Toyz, TOTAL E.T., and Scott Lawlor. Hear's to another great year in 2015!

Jack Hertz - What a Year 2014 Was!

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Thu, 01/01/2015 - 07:45

So much happened this year, that I hardly know where to start and where to end. Before I get into my own work, Aural Films, radio, live performances, and Fog Music project. I would like to thank you the listeners first and foremost for your support. All of you who downloaded the music, attended the concerts, and shared the music online have my deepest and most heartfelt thanks. None of these things I do mean anything without you.

Red Shift by Jack Hertz Now Availalbe on Aural Films

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Mon, 12/22/2014 - 17:05

Today, using redshift analysis and the Hubble Ultra Deep Field telescope. We can look far back into time to see what is believed to be galaxies that existed when the Universe was just 750 million years old. These seven pieces are inspired by the vision of these young galaxies reaching across time and space to peer at the cosmic dawn. Listen to "Red Shift" now Listen to "Red Shift" now available from Aural Films at https://auralfilms.bandcamp.c…

Fantastic Planetscapes by mutaHERTZ

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Mon, 11/03/2014 - 12:49

Just in time for Halloween, Argali Records is proud to release "Fantastic Planetscapes" by mutaHERTZ, which is the collaborative effort of Jack Hertz (http://jackhertz.com) and I.v.Martinez (http://trivm.bandcamp.com). Also featuring artwork by surrealist photographer/artist Ivan Vaclavik (http://www.vaclavik.eu), "Fantastic Planetscapes" is a heavy, spaced-out exploration into the depths of the stars, influenced by the 1973 movie "Fantastic Planet." Download the album now at https://argalirecordsnetlabel…