Eye of God - Modern Musique Concrète

Reaching into a surreal world fabricated from field recordings forged with modern recording techniques. The new album. "Eye of God" by Jack Hertz, presents a suite of compositions in the classic musique concrète style.

Jack Hertz - looping, processing and mixing.
Vladko Ribarski - looping and processing on "Mommy Muse."

All tracks created using sources from the Freesound collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds at http://Freesound.org

Cover image courtesy of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Spitzer space telescope image shows the dust surrounding the Helix nebula, also known as the "eye of god" due to its unique eye-like appearance, is the result of comets smashing into each other in the outer fringes of a dead star. Read more www.spitzer.caltech.edu/news/7...

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