Image Featured on Brian Eno's LUX - Day Of Light Website

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Sat, 11/17/2012 - 12:47

I was quite happy to get an email letting me know one of my images submitted will be included on the live site and stream. The image I submitted can be seen below and in a screen shot, as well as the email from the Team:

"Congratulations, your image has been selected by Brian Eno and his team as one of the featured images on the LUX - Day Of Light website. It will appear on the large main photo display and within the live streamed video on shortly after the time this email was sent to you. If you miss the image on the live stream, it also lives within the 'View Submissions' tab, complete with a special red dot to signify that it was featured by us. Thank you for your contribution - please spread the word."

The image now visible on the Archive site here: