Jack Hertz 2012 Year in Review - 28 Albums Releases and 20,000 Downloads

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Thu, 01/03/2013 - 12:50

This year has been so massive, it has been hard to account for everything that has happened in 2012. There are way too many people to thank, I am going to have to do it in 2 or 3 parts. My deepest thanks go to you, the listeners and supporters who support experimental artists and the community we live in.

Thanks to you, 20,000 albums were downloaded from the 28 albums I put this year. Yes, I am even somewhat surprised by that number. It was not planned, nor was I keeping count of my releases from month to month. It just happened.

I am deeply grateful to all the netlabels who supported my music this year. Many thanks to the people at 45 Echoes Sounds, Aural Films, Buddhist On Fire, BFW Recordings, Earth Mantra, Ethereal Live, Free Floating Music, Haltapes, Ilse, Nostress, Sound For Good, Steele Grinder Music, Tapesafe, Treetrunk, weareallghosts and Webbedhand

The really wonderful thing is all of my music is freely accessible to explore at no cost. I have compiled a list of my 2012 Albums in release order. Listen and download them as you like by clicking on the album covers:

Senescence - Self Release

Eye of God - Self Release

Time - Free Floating Music

Green Mist - Earth Mantra

Burn - Treetrunk Records

Space Drone II - Self Release

Earth - S4G Records

Computer Music II - Self Release

In the Fog - 45 Echoes Sounds

Droneware - Ethereal Live

Headlands - Nostress Netlabel

Complex Silence 25 - Treetrunk Records

Alternoia - S4G Records

Eye of God II - Self Release

Speleo - S4G Records

Wonderland the Caterpillar - Buddhist On Fire

3am Times Square - Treetrunk Records

Rain - Webbedhand Records

Cheshire Girls - Buddhist On Fire

Dawns of War - S4G Records

Subaqueous - Self Release

Eight Dharmapalas - Tapesafe

Gamelan Monsoon - Webbedhand Records

Secret Life of Trees - Aural Films

Stratosphere - Aural Films

A Fire Upon the Deep - 45 Echoes Sounds

Sea Glass - S4G Records

Eclipse 2012 - Aural Films