Jack Hertz 2012 Year in Review Part II - Complilation Projects

"...ending the year on a high 2012" Indeed, this year was also quite busy on the compilations project front. I participated in 14 different releases throughout the year. These projects that are a great way to hear the community at large, have also grown to serve as fund raisers and other forms of support for the common good. EMjoy the following list with links to all the compilations I was part of in 2012 below.

All is Calm - Free Floating Music

Chestnut Tree - Buddhist On Fire

Complex Silence 30 - Treetrunk

Connection Cassette Compilation #2 - Haltapes

Doomsday and Brimstone - Sound For Good

Experimental Musicians In Solidarity With Pacific Northwest
Grand Jury Resisters - Ilse

S4G Mix I - Sound For Good

Oceans - Sound For Good

SFBEEM Compilation I - Self Release

Space Rock: The Compilation - Sound For Good

Spooky Sounds From Underground - Steele Grinder Music

Take to the Trees - Sound For Good

...ending the year on a high 2012 - weareallghosts