Jack Hertz Music Reviews

In The Fog - Ambient Exotica (November 2, 2012)

"The heavy synth layers thin out and make room for a gorgeously cherubic synth choir-based sunburst which is in constant dialog with the ambiguously acidic-mellow pads and stabs. A true uneasiness can never unfold, and so this tune fades out ever so slowly with this tenser mood intact."

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Alternoia - The Chestnut Tree (August 12, 2012)

"The debut album by 7h3 n3w ƒ4£$3 90Ðz [The New False Gods] is immersive and adventurous, with intricately crafted electronic soundscapes and saturated, expansive space music with cohesive interludes of jollity and sound collage. Captivating and complex textures are fine tuned and strategically unsettling."

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Speleo - EarTickles (July 27, 2012)

"This one’s my own favourite; the whole album will bear repeated listening, though, as there’s so much to discover here. “Cave Pearls”, the final track, has breathy pads drifting across a two-chord structure. It has a warmer sound than the previous three, with vast, dense notes layered thickly atop a soft rhythmic pattern. A multitude of different tones, some open, some closed, create a huge sonic tapestry. It’s absolutely superb."

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Time - Hypnagogue (May 29, 2012)

"The spell is never broken once Time begins. It may actually be a little too passive for some; but having looped it for literally more than six hours in a sitting without considering that maybe I’d like to listen to something else, I think it’s exactly as passive as it needs to be."

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Green Mist - Ambient Exotica (May 16, 2012)

"Due to the organic structure, I prefer Green Mist myself. From the mellifluous warmth over the cavernous moisture to the piercing synthscape which is coupled with reverberated pulses, all three tracks are judiciously balanced and cohesive while they’re branching off into quirky territories due to the various embedded signals, noises and tidbits that distract seldom from the drone layers. The sophisticated Green Mist is so spellbinding that this won’t be the last review of Jack Hertz’s compositions you have read on AmbientExotica."

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