Jack Hertz - What a Year 2014 Was!

So much happened this year, that I hardly know where to start and where to end. Before I get into my own work, Aural Films, radio, live performances, and Fog Music project. I would like to thank you the listeners first and foremost for your support. All of you who downloaded the music, attended the concerts, and shared the music online have my deepest and most heartfelt thanks. None of these things I do mean anything without you.

As for music, this was another productive year with 24 album releases on various labels around the world. I would like to offer special thanks to Petroglyph Music, Murmure Intemporel, Ethereal Live, zero mean records, and Argali Records who released solo and collaboration records by me this year. You can find all of these albums listed on my site at http://jackhertz.com/

This was a year for lots of fun projects with others as well. Many great thanks to I.v. Martinez, Scott Lawlor, Zreen Toys, Mike Honeycutt, Jon Johnson, Dan Minoza, and Christopher Alvarado for sharing a sonic space with me. Every one of these projects yielded something quite special and I hope people will enjoy them as much as I do.

I can hardly think of 2014 without all of the awesome DJs who gave us so much time on the air last year. Special thanks go out to following (in alpha order):

Ayn Morgan (The Chestnut Tree)
Charles Rice Goff III (Lo Finest)
Charles Shriner (Music From Last Thursday)
Chuck Van Zyl (Star's End)
Das uBubi & Nina Lynn (uBradio)
Fzk Wolf (A better Living with E)
Gary Young (Irrelevant Show)
Mick Garlick (Sequences)
Scott Lawlor (Blind Flight)
Scott Raymond (Secret Music)
R Duck (R Duck Show)
Rebekkah Hilgraves (At Waters Edge)
Rusty Hodge (SomaFM)

AND all the other DJs and stations that play my music in 2014, Thank you for your support!

2014 was the year I moved my work out of the house and onto the stage for a number of live performances. Many thanks to Rent Romus, Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, Lob Instagon, and Stanley Jackson for giving me a place to play at your events.

And finally, to close things out. This was the year Aural Films came into its own as a label. The many artists who contributed their music to be released on albums, compilations and as part of the Fog Music series was so vast and reached into so many styles and genres. Aural Films has establish itself as a truly new music label presenting some of the most engaging artists and new ideas in music today. There are way too many to name here, so I will refer everyone to the label site to see them all at http://auralfilms.com

And yet, we've only just begun! My work with Aural Films will open the year with the culmination of the Fog Music project when we launch the San Francisco Fog Music Festival that will happening January 28-31. Likewise, we have a 24 hour Fog Music marathon planned, lots more Fog Music releases, and a special new Biography project and others that will be kicking off later in the year. Stay tuned, it only gets better!

Love, Peace and Music in 2015!

Jack Hertz

HYN 2015