Open Collaboration Project

Submitted by Jack Hertz on Sat, 04/21/2012 - 11:05

I decided to make up a formal project for anyone who wants to do a collaboration. I have made it easy to do with this extended set of source material artists can excavate for their own use. At 82+ minutes, there should be enough variety of rhythms, noises and drones for short and long form works.

No rules on usage. Please feel free to overdub, chop, remix, loop, process, and or manipulate to any degree. The final material is yours to keep and do with as *You* please.

Only requirements are you must give credit to "Jack Hertz" as a participant, include a link to my site at, and share a link with me to download music you make for this project to keep and do with as *I* please.

I am interested in following this open collaboration with material that is lighter in mood for those who want to do more ambient type stuff. Leave a comment below if interested. When enough comment, I will start a second project.

Please make a post in comments below to follow up with questions about the project and or to add links to what you have produced so others can see them too. Thanks in advance to all participants.

The collaboration track titled "Collaboration Project 1" is available to download in the following formats:

MP3 (180 MB):…

FLAC (415 MB):…

Creative Commons LicenseOpen Collaboration Project 1 by Jack Hertz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.