Wonderland The Caterpillar by Jack Hertz Now Available on Buddhist On Fire

The second in a series of drone releases based on voices provided by various stillstream denizens for John Tocher's Wonderland project based on the "Alice in Wonderland" story by Louis Carroll. This one includes the voices of Crystal Dreams as The Caterpillar, and Pixyblink as Alice. Download the album now available from the Buddhist On Fire netlabel at http://buddhistonfire.com/2012...

The music is generated completely and exclusively from the voices of Crystal Dreams and Pixyblink by Jack Hertz:

My original idea of trying to do a choral type piece didn't work well at all. So, I started playing around with the phase distortion tricks Steve Reich used on the "Come Out" album. That gave me the idea to do an abstract terrain kind of piece instead.

I used all the Caterpillar sound files, nothing else. Each file was looped wholesale, duplicated and stretched a bit to create a phased distortion track. Next, I did a lot of processing with Lexicon and N2O effects on each of the tracks. The final piece is all of the 14 samples offset and layered together to build a long drone scape.