Computer Music Collection by Jack Hertz Now Available on Aural Films

The Computer Music series features recordings inspired by the early computer composition systems such as the MUSIC-N, RCA and Buchla systems. These long-form recordings are part of an on-going pursuit to bring adventurous ideas from the past, into the future. Available now from Aural Films on digital and CD at


Time Spinners: The Great Attractor - Fiesel, Hertz & Lawlor

What do you get when you mix progressive rock and ambient? Some call it "progbient", we call it "Time Spinners". An on-going collaboration project between sonicnauts to go where no progbient has gone before. Join Christian Fiesel, Jack Hertz and Scott Lawlor on this journey to the outer reaches of Milky Way to commune with our celestial neighbors of the Laniakea Supercluster. Get is now on digital and CD from


MASKS by Eisenlager & Jack Hertz

Eisenlager & Jack Hertz present MASKS. A journey into the mystic realms of these curious objects. Each track is dedicated to a different one. Be sure to click through to the track page to read more about each one. Get the album now on digital and CD from Aural Films -


Sleeping Trees On Earth by Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell

The sleeping trees on Earth. Givers of food, shelter, and warmth. This very special release is dedicated to restoring our planet to the Tree's care by planting more of them. Now, you can personally make a difference by planting more trees when you buy this music created exclusively for this project by Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell. Get the album now at


Mechanics of Blue

Jack Hertz presents a new release that reflects on the industry of unhappiness, the Mechanics of Blue. Entities that design products to make us feel afraid, unattractive, or unwanted. Cloaked in commerce. Branding, deception, fear, propaganda, gamification, subversion, trust, social engineering and other methods are exploited to get us to buy and do what we do not want. Get the album now at


FAST RAILS by Fiesel & Hertz Goes to Norway!

The follow up to "End of the Steam Age" takes us on a journey to Norway for some amazing scenery by way of the Slow TV Project. Christian Fiesel and Jack Hertz were so captivated with the 7+ hour Nordlandsbanen: minute by minute videos of the Norway landscape. They composed a whole album for you to chill out with. Get it now at

fast rails

Oh My Gosh It Was You by Jack Hertz Now Available on Murmure Intemporel

Surprise is an interesting idea for composition. This is what one gets when working with modular synthesizers. The machine' willingness to obey is purely deceptive. It has it's own rules that take over, leaving the composer behind. Get it now from Murmure Intemporel at


Invisible by Jack Hertz Now Available on Treetrunk Records

This long form drone incorporates binaural, phasing, panning, and frequency modulation techniques to explore sound at the threshold of perception. The audio was intentionally mastered at low volume, with extremely slow changes. The listener may experience gaps in audible events, and at times may feel the sound more than hear it. The listener is invited to further modulate these effects by playing the piece at different levels, places, and times of day. Download the album now at


Secret Coves by Jack Hertz

Where the mountains meet the sea, the secret coves hide. Drawn by the echo of hidden places, micro worlds are ripe for discovery. The surf gazer becomes the ocean, joined with the tides in a fluid of briny dreams. Listen now at

Secret Coves

Solarized by Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T.

Aural Films lifts-off for a journey to inner-space with "Solarized". The new release by Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T. Their homage to, "Solaris", Stanislaw Lem's fantastic 1961 science fiction epic. A story that takes a philosophical look at what it means to be human and our inability to relate to that which we cannot comprehend. Listen now at


Antarcitca by Jack Hertz Now Available on Aural Films

Bundle up for a new collection of sonic adventures to the Southern most region of planet Earth. Antarctica is a deadly place of incredible beauty. A desert of ice and bitter cold where temperatures descend to -90 °C / -130 °F. This polar region locked by frozen landscapes imbibed in infinite shades of blue, grey and white. Gives birth to sheets of ice the size of whole countries. Get it now at


The End of Time is One Second From Now

Aural Films presents a suite of new electroacoustic recordings by Jack Hertz reflecting on Now - The continuum at the edge of time. Get it now on digital download or compact disc from Aural Films at


End of the Steam Age by Christian Fiesel & Jack Hertz

By 1915, the familiar whistle cry and billowing smoke of the locomotive. Had come to the end of the line when a world powered by stream, gave way to the quiet and clean electricity. Visions of these great mechanical marvels lost in time are the canvas for this new album by Christian Fiesel and Jack Hertz. Driven by steam, the artists are riding into the past when the technology of combining heat and water, powered commerce, industry and innovation. Listen now at


Windige Türen by Jack Hertz & Christian Doil

Doors can open new spaces, spaces connect, stand for change. changes are often accompanied by challenges, stormy weather. the album, a long form track, created in collaboration with jack hertz from san francisco. the sound piece is embedded in recordings of a storm, I recorded in Mainz. created is a dark ambient album, embedded in field recordings. Listen and download "Windige Türen" now at http://www.christiandoil-musik...


Planet Red by Jack Hertz Now Available from Aural Films

Drawing on the infinite intrigue of deep space. Jack Hertz presents, Planet Red. A special two part journey featuring missions into rhythmic and atmospheric realms. Get the album now on digital and compact disc at


Divina Commedia III : Nine Spheres by Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz

In this, the final installment of the Dante Trilogy, we wanted to bring forth, in the listeners mind, a sense of timelessness and so this concept album is a sprawling 2 and a half hours of music, which, like in the previous two volumes, doesn't take the listener on a literal journey through the Nine Spheres, but acts as a guide to the imagination, setting it free in wonderment about the nature of the divine. Get it now on digital and CD at


Inuksuk Nominated for Schallwelle Prize 2015

Well, here's a nice surprise to close out the year. "Inuksuk", the album I created with Mystified (Thomas Jackson Park) has been nominated for the Schallwelle Prize 2015 in the International Albums category. This is a very special album for me on many levels. It really means a lot that the community has recognized all the work we put into it. Read more about the Schallwelle Prize at

Five Live by Jack Hertz

Aural Films presents a collection of live recordings by Jack Hertz. In addition to being an avid studio composer, Jack has been known to get out to perform for a live audience, every now then. Featuring over 4 hours of music that showcase what Jack Hertz sounds like on stage. Jack has remastered five tracks from some of his favorite live performances in the last 20 years, just for this collection. Available now on Digital and CD from Aural Films at

5 Live

Brave New Whirled by The New False Gods

Loops, Cycles, Feedback, and the endless stream of new into old to be resold as new again. The Global Village chokes on a dense jungle of schemes, memes, streams, gadgets, and pop culture predators hunting for YOU. Listen now at


Stairway To Heathen by The New False Gods Now Available

Recorded live at Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco on November 12th, 2015. The New False Gods is a brand-free experience performed by a dynamic group of improvisers who weave experimental, fourth world, and free-jazz concepts with live mixing, effects processing, and synthesis techniques. Listen now at

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