Meditation 2 - Carolyn Fok and Jack Hertz

This a new electronic music video for the track "Meditation 2" composed and performed by Jack Hertz and Carolyn Fok. This and other tracks will be available on a future CD release. Stay tuned for more details to be announced. Check out more information on Carolyn at her web site at

Your Life Has Been Featured For You

Zan Hoffman's label ZH27 has new a release in the "Your Life Has Been ... For You" series. The latest edition "Your Life Has Been Featured For You" is a music collaboration created by mixing fifteen one minute tracks that were created and submitted by each of the artist just for this project. The collaboration included the following audio artists: Alozeau [es], Karmakumulator [yu], Miulew [se], Virgin Ciega [es], Zanstones [ky] and Jack Hertz [ca].


What Lurks Around The Corner - Friday The 13th Special

Live from the open port jam with PHOBoS, Jack Hertz, Blue Hell, Rob, and Dr. Steve on 2010-08-13. Listen to nearly 5 hours of live continuous electronic doom and gloom jamming in commemoration of Friday the 13th. Sorry, this has been taken down since.


Autumn Equinox 2010 Concert - September 25th

Electro-music has announced their Autumnal Equinox 2010 Streaming Concert will be happening on Saturday, September 25th. I'll be playing a set for the concert. Stay tuned for performance times. Sign up now to perform in the event at


No-Thing - Manufactured Coincidence

No-Thing returns with a brand new track for 2010. Get ready for a six minute and twenty second long succession of micro-tonal frequencies that have been freshly aligned by the legendary trio. Engage your aural sensors for extreme hand-modulated electronic explorations by Rupert Chappelle (Harrison Instruments Theremin), Arthur Harrison (Harrison Instruments Theremin), and Jack Hertz (D-Beam, Photon X25 & FM8).

NIL by Kuwahara HoneyCult

Here's a little video I made for "NIL" by Kuwahara HoneyCult track. If you like this. chek out the full album at

Meditation 1 - Collaboration Project with Carolyn Fok

Here is two minutes electronic music excerpt from the full the eleven minute track, "Meditation 1," composed and performed by Jack Hertz & Carolyn Fok. More details on a release coming soon. Check out more information on Carolyn Fok at

Summer Solstice 2010 Concert - June 19th, 2010

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