Windige Türen by Jack Hertz & Christian Doil

Doors can open new spaces, spaces connect, stand for change. changes are often accompanied by challenges, stormy weather. the album, a long form track, created in collaboration with jack hertz from san francisco. the sound piece is embedded in recordings of a storm, I recorded in Mainz. created is a dark ambient album, embedded in field recordings. Listen and download "Windige Türen" now at http://www.christiandoil-musik...


Planet Red by Jack Hertz Now Available from Aural Films

Drawing on the infinite intrigue of deep space. Jack Hertz presents, Planet Red. A special two part journey featuring missions into rhythmic and atmospheric realms. Get the album now on digital and compact disc at


Divina Commedia III : Nine Spheres by Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz

In this, the final installment of the Dante Trilogy, we wanted to bring forth, in the listeners mind, a sense of timelessness and so this concept album is a sprawling 2 and a half hours of music, which, like in the previous two volumes, doesn't take the listener on a literal journey through the Nine Spheres, but acts as a guide to the imagination, setting it free in wonderment about the nature of the divine. Get it now on digital and CD at


Inuksuk Nominated for Schallwelle Prize 2015

Well, here's a nice surprise to close out the year. "Inuksuk", the album I created with Mystified (Thomas Jackson Park) has been nominated for the Schallwelle Prize 2015 in the International Albums category. This is a very special album for me on many levels. It really means a lot that the community has recognized all the work we put into it. Read more about the Schallwelle Prize at

Five Live by Jack Hertz

Aural Films presents a collection of live recordings by Jack Hertz. In addition to being an avid studio composer, Jack has been known to get out to perform for a live audience, every now then. Featuring over 4 hours of music that showcase what Jack Hertz sounds like on stage. Jack has remastered five tracks from some of his favorite live performances in the last 20 years, just for this collection. Available now on Digital and CD from Aural Films at

5 Live

Brave New Whirled by The New False Gods

Loops, Cycles, Feedback, and the endless stream of new into old to be resold as new again. The Global Village chokes on a dense jungle of schemes, memes, streams, gadgets, and pop culture predators hunting for YOU. Listen now at


Stairway To Heathen by The New False Gods Now Available

Recorded live at Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco on November 12th, 2015. The New False Gods is a brand-free experience performed by a dynamic group of improvisers who weave experimental, fourth world, and free-jazz concepts with live mixing, effects processing, and synthesis techniques. Listen now at


The Burning Ember Of Stingy Jack by Jack Hertz Now Available on Treetrunk

With its origin in the Gaelic celebration, "Samhain". Halloween is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. I like to carve my own sonic pumpkin to mark the occasion. Speaking of pumpkins. This year, I have something with late-60s modular-synth styled piece titled, "The Burning Ember of Stingy Jack". My homage to the legend of the Jack-O-Lantern. Download the album now at

The Burning Ember Of Stingy Jack by Jack Hertz

Equator by Jack Hertz Now Availabe on Aural Films

Grab a drink, and chill. Aural Films is heating up with the newest release from Jack Hertz. "Equator" travels the fine line that circles the Earth. Traversing large continents and tiny atolls, this brand new collection of 11 fourth world styled tracks explores some of the most far off and unique places on the planet. Listen now at


Nordular by Jack Hertz

Emjoy this experimental release featuring a collection of four minute pieces that were all composed using a single Nord Modular G2 synthesizer. All tracks were recorded live to stereo mix directly from the synthesizer as you hear them here. All donations go towards planting trees! Download it now at


Inuksuk by Jack Hertz & Mystified Now Available on Aural Films

Explore the fascinating lore and mysticism of these indigenous people who have coexisted exclusively with nature for thousands of years. Artists Jack Hertz and Mystified bring their many skills together for a brand new collection of thematic compositions titled, "Inuksuk." Now available at


Mutated Midnight by Jack Hertz Now Available on Murmure Intemporel

A modular synthesizer composition for all the strange creatures who fill the night with sounds. Download now at

Mutated Midnight

Nataraja, by Jack Hertz - 100th Album Release

I am happy to present my 100th album release with an album of Fourth World styled compositions dedicated to the the Hindu deity, Nataraja. An ancient symbol that represents the rhythm and harmony of life. Drawing on 3 decades of work with original electronic music. "Nataraja" presents a suite of ten sonic spaces that invite the listener to reflect on the exotic, sonic and spiritual. Download it now at


Twin Peaks - I will See You Again in 25 Years

June 10th is 25 years to the day that Laural Palmer said she would return to Twin Peaks. To celebrate, we have two special releases coming to Aural Films. First is a new album by MHZ (Mike Honeycutt and Jack Hertz) titled, "The Angles Have All Gone Away." This album continues where the first album left off with more atmospheric pieces from the land of Bob. The next release will be a re-issue of the "25 Peaks" album on CD. Listen now at


Unicorn Dreams of Electric People by Jack Hertz

This album is a sonic return to Ridley Scott's gritty film noir world that was painted over Philip K Dick's canvas for "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep." Each composition is an extended meditation on the people, places, and encounters found in this unique cinematic vision that fuses the past with our own future. Download now from Aural Films at

Unicorn Dreams

Divina Commedia II: Seven Terraces by Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz

Following the well received release, "Divina Commedia I: Nine Circles" by Jack Hertz and Scott Lawlor. Aural Films presents part two of the descent into Dante's Inferno titled, "Divina Commedia II: Seven Terraces." This release contrasts the darkness of "Nine Circles" with a lighter, more up-lifting album focused on purgatory and the Earthly paradise. Download the album now at

Divina II

Time Spinners by Cousin Silas & Jack Hertz

Suit-up, strap-in and prepare for liftoff. The new "Time Spinners" album by Cousin Silas and Jack Hertz is here! Join us for a journey into S-P-A-C-E for a long-form excursion fusing synthesizers and electric guitars with progressive rock styled rhythms for an all new electro-prog release that is out of this world! Get it now at


Live Fog Music on BFF FM San Francisco

Lend an ear to hear new tracks from Cousin Silas, Tim Kays, Todd Peck, I as well as a live Junkyard Gamelan performance on BFF FM last Tuesday night. Many thanks to the station for hosting band leader, Phoenix DrNow along with Andy Cook and I for a clangilicious good time of "Improvinesian" music. Listen now at

Gamelan Show

Mare at Night by Jack Hertz - In Dreams...

Its dark inside for the Mare at night. Download the album now from Aural Films at


Void Where Prohibited by HERTZ - METEK

DANGER! A new collaboration with METEK now available on Murmure Intemporel. Get it now at

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