Sulfur Winds by Jack Hertz Now Available on Zero Mean Records

I am quite happy to announce the release of a new long form drone track on zero mean records label run by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. Please feel free to listen, download and share this with others. The track was composed live in the studio on the 6x6 using FM synthesis exclusively. EMjoy! Download the album now at http://zeromeanrecords.blogspo...

Sulfur Winds

25 Peaks by MHZ Now Available on Aural Films

Aural Films is happy to announce a new collaboration project by Mike Honeycutt and Jack Hertz called "25 Peaks." An album of soundtracks dedicated to the finale when Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper they will see each other again in 25 years. This collection of electronic, post-concrete works are the artists' haunting impressions of the deranged drama that was Mark Frost and David Lynch's "Twin Peaks." Download the album now at

25 Peaks by MHZ Now Available on Aural Films

Immunity from Dissonance Now Available on Sillage Intemporel

IAM Thrilled to release my latest collection of 6X6 FM synthesis based works on the electroacoustic label Sillage Intemporel out of France. Please download and share the album now at

Immunity from Dissonance

Fire and Ice by Christopher Alvarado and Jack Hertz Now Available From Sound For Good Records

Christopher Alvarado and Jack Hertz have teamed up again to present us with an album of six brand new tracks called "Fire and Ice." They have lightened their sound on this project; covering different styles and feelings in the realms of hot and cold. Download the new album "Fire and Ice" by Christopher Alvarado and Jack Hertz now at

Fire and Ice by Christopher Alvarado and Jack Hertz

Luggage Store Gallery Live Album Now Available on Petroglyph Music

This music was performed live at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, California December 12, 2013. Jack Hertz performed two live improvised microtonal sets played live on the 6x6: An array of six FM synthesizers. No loops, samples, sequencers or recordings were used. Everything was generated live in real-time using FM synthesis. Download the album now at


Revealing the Arcane Album Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks

"Revealing The Arcane" my collaboration with Christopher Alvarado has received a nice review from Yeah I Know It Sucks. IAM thrilled that they really got this album: ‘Revealing The Arcane’ ends the album with uneasy white noise, cavernous feedback. Swells of mana emerge and dissipate. The steely gears of progress are grinding away. The marriage of Protestant theology with capitalist political economy to a large degree dominates our current civilized discourse, determining the contours of our culture, its rites and customs, in contrast to the “chaos” laying outside it and subject to its rule from within. That both are assumptive is taken for granted; outlaying “cosmologies”, born from the methodology of science and reason are to be preferred."


Shambhala Album Review by Ambient Exotica

Shambhala, my collaboration with Simon Walsh gets another wonderful review from Ambient Exotica: "Simon Walsh and Jack Hertz create a mood that crosses and overcomes every linguistic obstacle. And an obstacle I have in front of me alright, for it is hard to put the layers, coatings, fibers and strata that make up the mood range into perspective or to turn them into a catchy coinage. Regardless of the phase Shambhala is in at any time, it radiates forsakenness and awe due to the gigantic proportions and monolithic cinematography the duo grafts onto the base frame of each track."


Sound For Good Records Returns in 2014!

2013 was another good year for helping others. Through the efforts of the Aural Films and Sound For Good Records projects. Artists were able to come together to raise $810 to help the Fukushima Disaster, $105 to support Hospice with The Human Condition - Dedications to Phillp K. Dick compilation, AND we planted another 2,220 trees through our partnership with Trees For the Future! I am so glad to see this that I have decided to revive the Sound For Good Label in 2014 to continue to release good music for good causes.


Into the Eternal Darkness Review on MAKE YOUR OWN TASTE

My release "Into the Eternal Darkness" with Scott Lawlor got a nice write up from MAKE YOUR OWN TASTE:

Into the Eternal Darkness

Schallwelle Sound Wave Awards Nominations For Best International Artist and Albums of 2013

Well well, this is nice way to end the year. It seems I have been nominated by the Schallwelle Sound Wave Awards as one of the Best International Artists of 2013. Additionally, my releases "Contorted" and "Eye of God III" were nominated for Best International Albums of 2013. I have no expectations of winning, but I feel like I already have just being on the list with so many artists I know and admire.

Award 2

DRIVE by Jack Hertz Now Availalbe on Aural Films

A suite of tracks composed for listening to while driving. This is a living album project that may have new tracks added to it at a later date. Download the album now from Aural Films at


Night Songs by Jack Hertz Now Available on Treetrunk Records

I enter into the night and dream awake in the darkness where the universe is suspended. As the moon rises, a nocturnal state queues the symphony of lurking beings to move upon quiet landscapes under gem filled skies. These inspiring visions are translated into the night songs I present to you here. Download the album now from Treetrunk Records at

Night Songs

Synth Caresses Interview with Jack Hertz

After some 30 years making music and over 60 albums to your credit, what do you think Jack Hertz can offer to the ambient aficionado? Read the full interview and find out the answer to this and other questions at http://synth-caresses.blogspot...


Cahokia by Jack Hertz Now Available on Aural Films

Aural Films New Release - Cahokia is an enigma of sorts, as the true origin of the people and name of this city are unknown. These works are a series of meditations on the mystery and wonder of this fantastic place of pyramids and a sophisticated culture that predates western history. Download the album now at


Revealing the Arcane by Christopher Alvarado and Jack Hertz Now Available on Aural Films

Aural Films presents a dark sonic adventure into the unknown. Christopher Alvarado and Jack Hertz team up for a special Halloween release that has been encoded with all sorts of arcanum. Descend into the hidden realms of alchemy, magic and mysticism where the night bleeds into the day and barbecued demons are served with a strong witches brew. Download the album now at


Into the Eternal Darkness by Jack Hertz and Scott Lawlor Now Available on Nostress Netlabel

Jack Hertz is an already known artist in Nostress Netlabel for a June 2012 release with Don Campau. From San Francisco, California (USA), he is an artist inspired by the mystery of life, manipulator of sounds and creator of intangible techno-organic impressions between music and noise. Scott Lawlor is a relatively new arrival to the field of ambient music, only starting to compose space and electronic music in the last year, after being away from music composition for quite some time. He has released several albums over the last 8 months and also has an ambient radio program on Download the album now at

Into the Eternal Darkness

Computer Music 4 by Jack Hertz Now Available

This is the fourth in a series of computer music styled recordings I am releasing. These are works inspired by the computer and large systems from the 50s and 60s such as the Buchla, RCA and MUSIC-N systems. Download the album now at


Compilated Release Featuring Unreleased Tracks and Outtakes by Jack Hertz

Listen to a collection of unreleased tracks and outtakes from the many compilation projects I have contributed to in years past. Click on each track to see the album cover, name, year, label and download link for the original compilation. You can download the album now at


The Quiet Forest by Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas Now Available on weareallghosts

"The Quiet Forest” features six wonderfully emotive and aurally stimulating ambient soundscapes. They are the kind of visually arresting atmospheres that got me into ambient electronic music all those years ago. The minute I heard them … I knew they would make for a fitting release on weareallghosts." Download the album now at http://weareallghosts.bandcamp...

Quiet Forest

September equinox 2013 Live Streaming Radio Concert

Join me for a live set at the September equinox 2013 ~ Live Streaming Radio Concert Saturday September 21, 2013. Listen to the live event stream

EQ 2013
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