Computer Music 4 by Jack Hertz Now Available

This is the fourth in a series of computer music styled recordings I am releasing. These are works inspired by the computer and large systems from the 50s and 60s such as the Buchla, RCA and MUSIC-N systems. Download the album now at


Compilated Release Featuring Unreleased Tracks and Outtakes by Jack Hertz

Listen to a collection of unreleased tracks and outtakes from the many compilation projects I have contributed to in years past. Click on each track to see the album cover, name, year, label and download link for the original compilation. You can download the album now at


The Quiet Forest by Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas Now Available on weareallghosts

"The Quiet Forest” features six wonderfully emotive and aurally stimulating ambient soundscapes. They are the kind of visually arresting atmospheres that got me into ambient electronic music all those years ago. The minute I heard them … I knew they would make for a fitting release on weareallghosts." Download the album now at http://weareallghosts.bandcamp...

Quiet Forest

September equinox 2013 Live Streaming Radio Concert

Join me for a live set at the September equinox 2013 ~ Live Streaming Radio Concert Saturday September 21, 2013. Listen to the live event stream

EQ 2013

Intelligent Ambient Music Interview With Darage Bang have posted an interview with me about the Facebook group I started called "Intelligent Ambient Music (IAM)." Learn a bit about what the group is about and some of my insights about making electronic music in today's world at

RGB Jack

Eye of God 4 by Jack Hertz - Modern Musique Concrete Now With Fruit Flavors!

Eye of God 4 furthers the suite of modern recordings composed from found sounds, field recordings and oscillators in the classic musique concrete style. Now with fruit flavors! Download the album now at


Supermoon by Jack Hertz - Now Available on 45 Echoes Sounds

The music on this album was composed during the Supermoon on June 22-23, 2013, as the closest and largest full moon of the year and the Moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013. The music was created on the following equipment: Korg M3, Nord G2, Yamaha TG33 and Lexicon Effects. Download the album now from http://45echoes-sounds.blogspo...


Jack Hertz Live at microHausen 13

Jack Hertz performs improvised microtonal soundscapes on what he calls the "FreqMod 6x6." A system of 6, 6 Operator FM Synthesizers that are controlled by the iPad with MIDItouch and LeapMotion controllers. Boulder Creek, CA. 8/18/13.

Dreams of Morocco by Jack Hertz

Join me on a journey through the mysterious sonic visions of my Mother's birthplace and home, Morocco, North Africa. Formally known as the Kingdom of Morocco, it is the most westerly of the North African countries. Download the album now from the Aural Films label at


Picnic at La Brea by Jack Hertz Now Available on suRRism-Phonoethics

Remember all those live gigs I did March? Well, now you can get a taste of how much it Hertz to hear what I do live on my latest release. This is live improvised challenging music that I am quite proud to have released by the suRRism-Phonoethics nOtlabel. Read more about the album and get yourself a free copy hot off the press (paint is still wet) from the download page at

Picnic at LaBrea

7.83 Hz by Jack Hertz Now Available on Free Floating Music

Happy Earth Day! EMjoy what has become a annual event, I present the a special release just for this day, "7.83 Hz" that is now available on the Free Floating Music label to download now at http://freefloatingmusic.bandc...

7.83 Hz

Jack Hertz on the Radio April 2013

The new releases are out and have been picking up a lot of radio play recently. Many thanks to following shows for their support of my music: Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show, Music From Last Thursday, Secret Music, The Irrelevant Show, Free Floating, Mysterious Semblance, Sadayatana and Organized Sound.

Mostly Ambient

CONTORTED by Jack Hertz Now Available

con·tort·ed (kn-tôrtd) adj.

1. Twisted or strained out of shape.
2. Botany Twisted, bent, or partially rolled upon itself; convolute.

These tracks were originally compiled for the Contorted record label run by Carl Merson. Unfortunately, the tape got lost in the shuffle of moving from Maryland to California and was never released to the public. It is available now for download at


Eye of God III by Jack Hertz - Modern Musique Concrete Series

Eye of God III furthers the suite of modern recordings composed from found sounds, field recordings and oscillators in the classic musique concrete style. Download the album now at


Shambhala by Symatic Star and Jack Hertz Now Available on Aural Films

The tracks on this album represent five selected themes from Shambhala stories and can be interpreted as representing both a physical journey to an enigmatic land and as an inner journey. Download the album now at


Jack Hertz March Live 2013 Concerts and Performances

I've got a few shows lined up this month. Two of the events will be in the Bay Area. First at the Koinonia Experimental Music Festival on March 16th at 8:00pm in Berkeley, CA. That will be followed by a performance at Showdown on March 31st in San Francisco, CA. In between, I will be playing a set in the March Equinox 2013 concert on March 23rd at 1900 GMT. Check out the show posters below for all the details.


Complex Silence 34 by Jack Hertz Now Available

This album was inspired by the starfish that populate the Pacific coast where I live. The beautiful creatures move in a nearly imperceptible way along the ocean floor. Are such peaceful and elegant beings that I wanted to create some music that reflected their solemn place in nature. Download the album now at http://complexsilence.wordpres...


Release Me Film Soundtrack by Jack Hertz

Release Me is a short film by Ryan Wood about the troubles in so many households and the effect it has on the youth in the household. Told through the child's point of view, Release Me will leave viewers of all ages thinking twice about what we just sweep under the rug and hide behind closed doors. The film is 100% complete and the sales of this CD will go to producing DVD screeners and entering the film into 15 festivals. Download the extended soundtrack now at http://release-me-film.bandcam...

Release Me

A haunting we will ghost by Jack Hertz

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y W A A G ! ! ! This is my little gift to Thomas Mathie for running one of the most active and engaging labels I that I have had the pleasure working with. EMjoy this happy first anniversary track now at


Wetlands by Jack Hertz Now Available on Aural Films Netlabel

Wetlands is a collection of Intelligent Ambient Music compositions inspired by places of greenery and water where life abounds in ponds, marshes and swamps. These tracks stem from what I think of as impressionist music. The selection and organization of sounds are meant to evoke a memory of a place or environment that is part documentary and part hallucination. Download the album now at

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