Stratos by Jack Hertz Now Available on the Space Rock: The Compilation

was originally going to put an old track on the comp. The Team Stratos jump was so incredible, it inspired me to reach for the stars with a brand new track just for the comp. EMjoy my dedication to Team Stratos and Over 100 artists from all over the globe have generously donated tracks to this incredible collection. Take a journey through space with over 14 HOURS worth of psychedelic, tranceinducing music, while helping animals at the same time! Download Space Rock: The Compilation at

Space Rock

Subaqueous by Jack Hertz Now Available

Subaqueous drones from the deep dark abyss. Live Time Drone set recorded 2012/10/25. Things started out fine, but the decent into the deep abyss went beyond the realms of live streaming. The vessel has been recovered. Experience the full-fidelity recordings salvaged from the depths here. FLAC files highly recommended. WARNING! Serious BASS ahead. Small devices may distort from low tones. Download it now at


Drone Sketch Video Series by Jack Hertz

Emjoy a series of five drone sketches with videos that I created as a one off experiment. The goal was to work very quickly composing each drone videos within 15 minutes. The music and the videos that go with them are available exlusively as a collection on here on my site via my YouTube channel. Click through to watch all five of the sketches.

Cheshire Girls by Jack Hertz now Available on Buddhist on Fire

This is an alternate version of my Caterpillar release for the Alice in Wonderland drone project. As such it includes the voices of Crystal Dreams as The Caterpillar, and Pixyblink as Alice. Download this now at

Cheshire Girls


Whales and dolphins are not saved! Every year, 100,000's are injured or killed from boat strikes, entanglement in fishing nets, pollution, and whaling. You can help by downloading the Oceans Music Project to benefit the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) for just $1 or more. Every dollar you give helps the WDCS save all whales, dolphins and their habitats. To show their appreciation, these artists are giving you 57 electronic music downloads for supporting our oceans. Download the album now at

Oceans Cover

Rain by Jack Hertz Now Availble on Webbed Hand Records

Jack Hertz blends synthesized drones with stormy field recordings in his first contribution to Webbed Hand’s Rain series. Download the album now available at


3 a.m. - Times Square by Peter DiPhillips and Jack Hertz Now Available on Treetrunk Records

Peter DiPhillips created this music as a result of my Open Collaboration Pproject is launched recently. Using my material as a starting point. Added to and manipulated the samples that were mixed with his own elements including field recordings of water streams, rain, and toilets flushing along with his own synthesizer music/sound motifs. He combined, processed and mixed theses elements in various ways , in order to arrive at the long form composition, "3 a.m. - Times Square." Download the album now available from Treetrunk Records at http://treetrunkrecords.wordpr...


Wonderland The Caterpillar by Jack Hertz Now Available on Buddhist On Fire

The second in a series of drone releases based on voices provided by various stillstream denizens for John Tocher's Wonderland project based on the "Alice in Wonderland" story by Louis Carroll. This one includes the voices of Crystal Dreams as The Caterpillar, and Pixyblink as Alice. Download the album now available from the Buddhist On Fire netlabel at


Speleo by Jack Hertz Now Available on Sound for Good Records

Speleology is the study of caves and other karst features including their physical properties, history, life forms, and processes by which they form and change over time. These recordings presented here are inspired by and dedicated to the amazing subterranean worlds of the underground. Download the album now at


Eye of God II by Jack Hertz - Now Available

Eye of God II continues the suite of modern recordings composed from found sounds, field recordings and oscillators in the classic musique concrete style. Download it now at

Eye of God II

Alternoia by The New False Gods Now Available

NOW AVAILABLE - "Alternoia" is the result of the collaboration between a group of prominent artists who create work under a variety of electronic sub-genres. Working as 7h3 n3w ƒ4£$3 90Ðz (The New False Gods), their divine skillz have produced a unique set of tracks that, in my mind, are truly evocative of the album title. What is great about this album is that each track is unique and contains elements of noise, jazz, dark ambient, etc. The elements have been masterfully mixed together to produce an album that is melodic, strange and otherworldly.

Alternoia Cover

Complex Silence 25 by Jack Hertz Now Available

I am honored to be part of the Complex Silence series on the Treetrunk netlabel. I have composed four new tracks exclusively for their 25th release that now availble. Many thanks to Phil Wilkerson and Thomas Jackson Park for their support. Learn more about the series at http://treetrunkrecords.wordpr...

Complex Silence 25 by Jack Hertz

Headlands by Don Campau and Jack Hertz Now Available

The Headlands is the result of a collaboration between Don Campau and Jack Hertz created for the Time Drone radio show artists drones project. The Headlands pays homage to this vast region where the Pacific Ocean encounters the land in welcoming and foreboding ways. Epic beauty belies dark and dangerous places. Please download it now at


Droneware by Jack Hertz - New Live Performance Released

Woot! This came out sooner than I expected. Thanks to Dan Miñoza and Shane Morris for all their support. This might be my best live performance ever. Listen to my set from on February 16th, 2012. Grab the free download now at http://ethereallive.wordpress....


Star's End Names "Time" to Top 16 Releases for April 2012

Wow! What a month April has been. I really was not prepared for the kind of response my new releases have received. My "Green Mist" album featured on Still Stream was a real surprise. Now, to find "Time" has been included in the Top Releases for April 2012 by Star's End. I am honored to be cited amongst the people that I looked up to just a short time ago. My deepest thanks go to Brad at Free Floating Music, Star's End and those who have been listening for all your support.

Star's End April 2012

Take to the Trees - Arbor Day Music Compilation by Various Artists

In celebration of Arbor Day on April 27th 2012. Sound for Good is giving you a lot of great music for your donation of just $1 USD (or more) to help plant more trees. Download a large collection of wonderful music from various artists with 100% of your donation going to the National Arbor Day foundation to plant trees. Download the album now at

Arbor Day

In the Fog by Jack Hertz

"In the Fog" is a long form ambient drone composition that was inspired by the legendary fog of the San Francisco Bay Area. As a resident of the Pacific coast, I have grown to love and appreciate the mysterious nature of the mists among us. Download the release now availble on 45 Echoes Sounds at http://45echoes-sounds.blogspo...

In the fog

Earth by Jack Hertz

Hear my special dedication for the Mother that I composed and recorded on Earth Day 2012-04-22. May you find solace in your journey through this Universe. EMjoy the video below or download the track here

Open Collaboration Project

I decided to make up a formal project for anyone who wants to do a collaboration. I have made it easy to do with this extended set of source material artists can excavate for their own use. At 82+ minutes, there should be enough variety of rhythms, noises and drones for short and long form works.


Compter Music II by Jack Hertz

This is the second in a series of computer music styled recordings I will be releasing. These are works inspired by the computer and large systems from the 50s and 60s such as the Buchla, RCA and MUSIC-N systems. Download the Compter Music II album now at

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